Frequently Asked Questions


How much is it to play?

Pricing is really simple. When the bar is open (peak time) it’s £30 for an hour, split between up to 4 people. You pay for the bay, not per head.

So if there’s 4 of you playing for an hour, it’s just £7.50 each.


Where are you?

We’re in Aylesbury, at the top of Exchange Street Car Park. That’s right in the middle of town. We can be accessed through the Hale Leys shopping centre during the day, and in the evenings you can access us between Iannelli’s and The Manor.


Do I have to bring clubs?

Nope! There are house clubs available to use free of charge.

We have clubs for lefties, righties and there are even a few junior clubs knocking around.

You can of course also bring your own!


Do I have to be good at golf?

No, absolutely not!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never held a golf club before, or you’re a single figure handicapper.

We have virtual courses, coaching modules and challenges for the serious golfers and point scoring games for the ones who just want to have some fun!


What if I am good at golf..? 😏

Then you’re probably going to have a blast!

All of our games have difficulty modes. If you install the Awesome Golf Community app, you’ll also be able to place in the leaderboards for The Pin and globally.

Our Flightscope launch monitors are also super accurate. You should be getting your stock yardages.


Do I have to book ahead?

You don’t have to book to play, but we can get busy!

We’d always advise booking before turning up, but you’re welcome to walk in and see!

Click here for our booking page.